Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Case Of Murder

1) What happens in the poem?
A boy in a basement flat with a cat which he hates. Later on he kills the cat by slamming the door.

2) What are your first impressions of the boy in the poem?
He was in a orphanage because his parents left him to grow up there.

3) Why do you think the boy was so violent?
Because when he was a baby he was mistreated by his parents and got shouted and beaten a lot.

4) What object is is used and what significant might it have?
Used For:
It was used to poke the cat

I Think it was the cane that was used to beat him and the cat kind of represents him.

Used For:
To shovel the cat into the cupboard.

It represent how his parents sent hime away.

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