Friday, 14 February 2014

Invisibility Power

Invisibility Power #1

So what if you had an invisibility power? Do you think you could be a hero with it or a killer? Well this is a story how I got an invisibility power and how I used it... 

My name is Robert; I'm just a teen living in the most famous city in the world, NEW YORK! As we all know it is as busy as Facebook on a Saturday evening. I live in Columbus Circle near the most wonderful park ever, the Central Park. 

I was on my way home from my school when I met a street vender selling magic balls,  the old vender looked at me with an icy stare which stopped my heart pumping. I hurriedly past her, but then I heard a shaky voice in my head whispering slowly: 

"You will have great power soon... Use it wisely!"

When I looked back in curiosity I saw the street vender was... gone!



  1. Thomas its me Lucas Sidhu from E.I.S i would like to get in contact with you again as your email broke down for some strange reason so pls try and get in contact with me again!


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