Thursday, 14 November 2013

Punctuation Marks

In this subject we had to work with interesting and confusing punctuation marks. The punctuation mark I chose to work with is the Speech Mark because they are used everywhere. We had to make a fancy pop up book containing are punctuation mark and saying what its used for and where its used.

In this Blog Post im going to tell you about speech marks!

Speech Marks look like this "". Speech marks are used in thoughts are speeches such as "Where is the bear?" Joshua said worriedly or "Where am I" Cathy thought curiously, it is put in the beginning and the end of a speech or thought.

As I was saying we made a fancy Pop Up Book. In the end mine looked like this!

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  1. Great description of the project (though I am not sure it was a pop-up 'book' that you made) and a good image. Remember, even when your work is your own, you must still credit it to yourself with your name and date.

    - read over your work very carefully when you publish, look for small errors, e.g. 'I'm'
    - I would like you to include some detail about what you think you learned from the project; for example, did it help you to learn about speech marks? Do you think you can use them accurately now?


Thanks For The Comment.