Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Box

Hello people!

This is my first blog post so I want it to be quick and short.

The story I'm gong to tell you is about a boy who saw a random box.

Once there was a young pimply faced boy with curly black hair the swirled into the darkness. He was on his way home when something bright caught his eye. It was a bright yellow box with a shiny silver bow tie. But something was weird about it it, was shaking very slightly and there was a little voice which sounded like a elf saying "Let me out! Let me out". Without hesitating he brought home quickly.

He rushed into his room ignoring his kind mother. When he reached in his room he pulled his fluffy curtains together and turn on his bed light. His room was messy and dirty, he had a small hard bed a writing desk, a bookshelf  and his writing desk.

He carefully untied the ribbon around the box and threw it away in his small brown bin. He then open the lid from the box... Suddenly a bright light came out from the box,  the boy thought it would be something magical like a wand but the ends of his mouth fell...


There was Learning Equipment.

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  1. This starts off really well but ends less strongly. I love how you are putting your learning into use - you have added plenty of adjectives to create a vivid story.
    - don't forget to cite your sources; you must say where every image comes from
    - label your posts to make them easier to find in the future, e.g. story, descriptive writing, spilling ink
    - read over your work before you publish to check for small mistakes


Thanks For The Comment.